Corporate-Specialized Services

Pre-business hour delivery service

This specialized service delivers assigned staff and vehicles to the customers' designated stores at the scheduled time prior to store opening.

Service characteristics

  • Delivered to the stores before the business hours
  • Agency in item inspection and delivery services
  • Pick-up and transportation of returned items from store to store

Specialized delivery of foreign exchange documents

This service delivers crucial foreign exchange documents securely within two hours on the same day.

Service characteristics

  • Swift delivery on time using two-wheeled vehicles
  • Top-tier security with dedicated delivery agents

Premium delivery service

A differentiated, high-quality delivery service with goals of speed, accuracy and security for customer satisfaction.

Service characteristics

  • Dedicated premium delivery agents
  • Dedicated premium delivery vehicles
  • 100% face-to-face delivery
  • Delivery to the place and time of customers' convenience

Eco-Friendly delivery service

As a part of the environment-friendliness program, this service delivers polluted wastes, industrial wastes, waste material, etc. securely to designated places.

Biotech delivery service

Dedicated staff and vehicles for medical delivery are employed to deliver clinical samples, cord blood, medical equipment, and others in this specialized service.

Service characteristics

  • Biotech product deliveries including reagents, blood samples, and specimens
  • Secure delivery with temperature-regulated vehicles as dedicated medical transportation vehicles.
  • Transportation of time-sensitive biotech items within the set time period
  • Transportation monitoring by the biotech control team

Cord blood delivery service

Cord blood is the blood within the umbilical cord and the placenta connecting the mother and the infant and can only be drawn once right after birth, used in self-treatments in cases of leukemia, pediatric cancer, malignant blood disease, immunodeficiency, etc. of infants growing up.
Since 2012, we have had a partnership with MEDIPOST's CELLTREE followed by the cord blood delivery services for CHA Biotech's ICORD, Boramae Medical Center's Allcord, and Catholic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank.

For mothers seeking to store cord blood, cord blood can be stored at a price when applied for at the cord blood bank.

Task process

Differentiated service

Staff dedicated to cord blood delivery service

Specialized employees monitor the whole process from retrieval to warehousing

Heightened security using specialized equipment

Specially designed vehicles and delivery bags (boxes) to maintain transportation temperature (4 - 25℃)


Quick delivery service

This specialized service provides expedient delivery service in Seoul, Greater Seoul Area, and all regions in Korea with two-wheeled vehicles and small trucks.

Service characteristics

  • Express delivery within 2 hours
  • Accurate delivery by checking the note of reception