Delivery Service

We started domestic delivery services under the brand of Ilyang Logistics
as we were selected as the provider of U.S. visa delivery service in 1996

With more than 100 networks and 1,200 regular/special vehicles running all over Korea,
we provide specialized delivery services for B2B, visa, premium, national examination packets, scheduled delivery and many others.

Regular delivery

This is Ilyang Logistics' regular delivery service that deals with items of 20 kg or less actual weight, 50 kg or less volumetric weight, the sum of all dimensions (width, length, and height) to be 200 cm or less, and the length of the longest dimension to be 120 cm or less.

Volumetric weight formula

(Width ⅹ length ⅹ height)/6,000

Operating regions

  • Operating regions : Greater Seoul Area, Gangwon Province, Chungcheong Provinces, Gyeongsang Provinces, Jeolla Provinces, Jeju Province

  • Identical region : The sender's and recipient's addresses belong to the same region
    e.g. Greater Seoul Area → Greater Seoul Area

  • Different regions : The sender's and recipient's addresses belong to a different region
    e.g. Greater Seoul Area → Gangwon Province

Extra cost

Extra cost on items that require packaging (if unpackaged)

Highly valued items (when the declared price is higher than KRW 500,000, the extra cost of KRW 2,000 for all other regions and KRW 4,000 for Jeju per every additional KRW 500,000)

However, the extra cost is limited to KRW 3,000,000 and the prices will be applied accordingly.

Delivery flow

  • Delivery reservation



  • Package collection

    By employee visit

  • Collection spot

    Categorized for different destinations

  • Regional hub terminal

    Greater Seoul Area hub terminal

    Categorized per region

    Item image photography

  • Destination

    Categorized per delivery agent

    Departing to destination

  • Customer

    Employee delivery