Safety Management

An Individual’s life is
the most important aspect of all

Ilyang Logis puts safety and well being above everything and participates continuously in safety management activities to provide a safe work environment.

Declaration of Occupational Safety and Health Management Policy

Ilyang Logis hereby declares our Occupational Safety and Health Management Policy and will fully act on the following for planning and carrying out all of our business activities in line with organizational and systematic safety and health management for our social responsibilities and employees' well-being.

  • Above all else,

    occupational safety and health management system must be in place to improve continued issues related to safety and health and prevent safety and health accidents with improvement in workers' and contractors' safety, health, and welfare as one of the top-priority assignments of our business.

  • Above all else,

    we will strictly comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and other legal mandates regarding safety and health to fulfill our social responsibilities as a leader of the industry.

  • Above all else,

    all employees will fulfill their responsibilities and duties regarding safety and health activities with diligence.

  • Above all else,

    we pursue establishment of fair and honest trade order and accompanied growth under the principle of coexistence and mutual benefit in our society.

All executives and employees will be fully aware of the aforementioned items and strive to participate actively
in safety and health management activities.

Safety and Health Management Objectives

  • Highest values in people and mutual respect

  • Constant safety awareness and actions

  • Employees' satisfaction and health

  • Comfortable and pleasant place to work

Safety and Health Management System

Safety and Health Management System

Plan establishment

Establishing safety and health objectives

Action plans for different work sites



Activities according to action plans




Inspecting safety and health activities

Verifying hazard and risk factors



Resolving the hazard and risk factors

Improving safety and health activities

Continuous and repeated safety and health cycle activities

Safety and Health Management Activities

  • Training

    Continuous and systematic safety and health training

    Legally required education

    Traffic safety training (regular driving safety training and traffic accident management)

    Worker safety training to improve awareness level

    Health and safety training based on work site characteristics

    Training for different fields (worker safety actions, emergencies including fire, emergency measure training)

  • Periodic inspections

    Regular facility and equipment inspection for different work sites (logistics terminals, offices, delivery spots, warehouses, etc.)

    Regular conveyor action check and risk factor maintenance and improvement

    Pre-driving and periodic inspection of forklift trucks and vehicles

    Periodic inspection of risks to the musculoskeletal system

    Fire safety and electrical safety inspection

  • Regular inspections

    Special inspection on key facilities (seasonal changes, high-demand season for deliveries, rainy season, holidays)

    Inspection before commencing work (vehicles, conveyors, forklift trucks)

    Risk factor inspection at work sites

  • Hazard and risk factor prevention

    Driver safety training

    Health check (blood pressure) before work and work safety awareness training

    Inspections on conveyor, forklift trucks, and vehicles before driving

    Injury and risk factors notified through analysis of workers' behavior management (physical performance check)

    Autonomous safety assessment and hazard and risk factor report

  • Other activities

    Health checkup for employees

    Comfortable resting space for a break

    Safety equipment and air purification in closed spaces

    Clean office for comfortable work environment