Delivery Tracking

Delivery Service Fee

Ilyang Logis standard delivery fee table

Category Small Medium Large
Weight 5kg or less 10kg or less 15kg or less 20kg or less 25kg or less 30kg or less
(sum of all three dimensions)
80cm or less 100cm or less 140cm or less 150cm or less 160cm or less 170cm or less
Identical region KRW 6,000 KRW 7,000 KRW 8,000 KRW 9,000 KRW 10,000 KRW 15,000
Different regions KRW 6,000 KRW 7,000 KRW 8,000 KRW 9,000 KRW 10,000 KRW 15,000
Jeju region KRW 12,000 KRW 14,000 KRW 16,000 KRW 18,000 KRW 20,000 KRW 30,000

Additional cost

Ferry charge to the islands will include an additional cost of minimum KRW 7,000.

Ferry charge: Extra cost for ferries with deliveries to the islands

Jeju region incurs an extra airline fee (KRW 8,000) in addition to the fee for delivery in the same region.

However, islands in the Jeju region (Chuja Islands, Udo Island, etc.) incur extra ferry charges (actual expenses) in addition to the Jeju region fees.

Extra cost

Extra cost on high-price items (applied for declared price over KRW 500,000)

Extra cost of KRW 2,000 for all other regions and KRW 4,000 for Jeju per every additional KRW 500,000

However, the additional extra cost is limited to KRW 3,000,000.

※ Undeliverable items: Items exceeding actual weight of 20 kg, volumetric weight of 50 kg, sum of all dimensions of width, length, and height of 200 cm, and the length of the longest dimension of 120 cm.