Happiness in Management

  • Various training programs

    We provide various training programs including etiquette training, common culture courses, capability enhancement training for different positions, customer reception training, other self-development course, legal compulsory education, and others to nurture dignified social talents.

  • Employee welfare system

    We currently have various welfare policies on family event support, medical expenses support, regular health checkups, congratulatory gifts to employees on their birthdays, national holiday gifts, low-interest housing loans, urgent low-interest loans, self-development support, family tuition support, resort stay at a discounted price, Tomorrow Chaeum Mutual Aid membership, youth income tax deduction for small and medium enterprises, worker vacation support projects, and club activity support, and the list of welfare we provide is continuously growing.

  • Open management

    Important decisions are made labor-management joint council composed of the same number of members from both the workers and the management, and all of the company's management activities are disclosed transparently to all executives and employees, as everyone in our company makes it through both hardships and happiness together in our management.