Environment Management

  • Electric vehicles and eco-friendly vehicles

    We are replacing our vehicles with electric vehicles to reduce greenhouse gas emission and protect the environment.

  • Recycled boxes

    Recycled boxes

  • Recycled plastic pallets

    Recycled plastic pallets are used to reduce plastic waste and eliminate the use of disposable wooden pallets.

  • Eco-friendly tapes

    Vinyl tapes are being replaced with eco-friendly paper tapes to reduce waste produced.

  • Low-pollution equipment

    Delivery vehicles use fine dust reduction equipment to improve the atmospheric environment, and we strictly adhere to eco-friendly policies of the Ministry of Environment including seasonal fine dust management.

  • Environment Management System Certification underway
    (environment management policy)

    We take part in employee training and research and development of eco-friendly logistics to realize continuous eco-friendly management in the entirety of our corporate activities. Moreover, our eco-friendly activities for education and environmental preservation are disclosed transparently, and we strive to fully embrace the practice of continuous environment management through ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification.