Mission·Vision·Core value


One of the best Integrated logistics service to bring
greater convenience to customers' lives

Ilyang Logistics Group provides continuous value creation
and top-tier delivery service to bring convenience to every aspect of customers' lives
from home and work to social activities for satisfaction and happiness.


Korea's go-to integrated logistics company
delivering happiness
to customers

Ilyang Logistics Group provides customers
with value greater than logistics itself with its top-tier logistics service
to deliver happiness and has become Korea's top integrated logistics company.


The Ilyang Logis staff puts the following three into practice as our core values

  • Customer first

    Customers are our invaluable assets.
    The staff at Ilyang puts customers' happiness above all, thus thinking and acting on behalf of and for the sake of customers.

  • Righteousness in all we do

    The staff at Ilyang keep their words and actions based on the mutual trust and righteous actions in all things with honor and pride.

  • Enthusiasm and challenge

    The staff at Ilyang makes way for the age of change with focus, passion, and mindset undaunted by failure and challenges.