Compliance Charter

Through strict compliance with the legal and ethical standards, Ilyang Logis promises to continue winning the customers' trust with establishment and practice of the Compliance Charter.

  • Above all else,

    our employees respect each other as individual personalities.

  • Above all else,

    we provide the best logistics service for our customers with their happiness as the value above all else.

  • Above all else,

    we aim to be a respected corporate citizen of the society through transparent, efficient, responsible and righteous management.

  • Above all else,

    we pursue establishment of fair and honest trade order and accompanied growth under the principle of coexistence and mutual benefit in our society.

  • Above all else,

    we uphold the law and the system to provide our customers with the best of values through fair and free competition.

  • Above all else,

    we fulfill our company's social responsibilities of environmental protection for the future generation and adherence to the law.

  • Above all else,

    we uphold the company rules and the law, are aware that actions must be taken, and strive to comply with them autonomously.

  • Above all else,

    we continue to be knowledgeable on the company rules and the related law and the system and review whether we are upholding the law related to our tasks at hand.

  • Above all else,

    any confirmed violation of the rules must be reported swiftly along the chain of command and dealt with appropriately.

  • Above all else,

    if the restrictions of company rules and legal mandates place difficulty on work activities, appropriate measures must be taken along the report system instead of keeping silence.

  • Above all else,

    compliance training for executives and employees must take place regularly to inform them of the rules and regulations properly for relevant compliance.

  • Above all else,

    foundation and practice of the management system for compliance must be checked regularly.

  • Above all else,

    the company takes necessary measures for the executives and employees who violated any rules.

Declaration of Compliance

  • Unbiased assessment criteria

    Our partners are selected reasonably through objective and unbiased assessment criteria on the eligible candidates.

  • Reasonable demands

    We do not use our position as a partner to an unfair advantage by making unreasonable demands, including passing on our difficult tasks to our partners.

  • Earned Trust and Faith

    We do not partake in unfair conducts including price collusions in business and compete in good faith based on reasonable prices in accordance with the principles of the market and top-tier service qualities.

  • Top-tier service

    We create the best of values through fair competition within the scope of laws and system and provide our customers with the best services.

  • Fair trade

    We make ourselves well aware of the legal mandate on fair trade and actively implement and carry out autonomous compliance programs to uphold the principles of fair trade.

Eight Principles of the Compliance Program (CP)

  • Building the foundation of the autonomous compliance program

  • Showing the conviction for autonomous compliance from the management

  • Selecting (appointing) autonomous compliance officer

  • Making, distributing, and utilizing autonomous compliance handbooks

  • Providing systematic training on fair trade for executives and employees

  • Building the internal audit system to prevent violations preemptively

  • Taking disciplinary actions against staff in violation of rules on fair trade

  • Effectively operating and improving the autonomous compliance program