Customer Support

How to Use Our Service

Ilyang Logis operates under the mission of
providing convenience to customers through integrated logistics service of the top tier.

Feel free to contact our customer support center about any dissatisfaction or room for improvement in our services.

You may employ Ilyang Logis' service through the following.

  • Call us

    Call us anywhere in Korea at 1588-0002 for information on the entire process from the delivery reservation to delivery result check.

  • Visit our website

    Please visit our website at for the entire process from the delivery reservation to delivery result check and various logistics-related information in and out of Korea as well.

  • Visit our office for submission

    Customers close to one of our offices (branches) in terms of distance or wishing to confirm the item and special packaging process themselves may visit the office (branch) to have the item received for delivery

    View office (branch) locations Ilyang Logistics Network

Days taken from collection to delivery

Item delivery

  • Regular regions

    Within 2 days of item collection

  • Islands and mountainous regions

    Within 3-4 days from item collection

  • Regions selected by Ilyang Logistics

    Within 2-3 days

※ Weekends and holidays are not applicable for delivery dates, and deliveries may be delayed if the recipients' regions are islands and mountainous regions with limited accessibilities. (Natural disasters included)
※ Please note that deliveries may be delayed during Lunar New Year and Chuseok holiday seasons due to a temporary increase in the number of deliveries.

Delivery collection

Delivery collection (pick-up) can take place from the day after the reservation (D+1) (Except for weekends and holidays)