Employee Welfare

We run various welfare systems
to improve the quality of life for our executives and employees.

Individual living support

  • Low-interest housing loans and rental deposits

    We provide loans to our staff for housing purchases and rental deposits at low-interest rates.

  • Disaster support

    We provide assistance to our staff and their family members affected by natural disasters

  • Educational expense support

    We provide educational expenses for our employees' children attending educational institutions.

  • Family event support

    We provide financial support as congratulations or condolences in case of personal or family events, such as weddings and funerals.

Community living support

  • Vacation resorts

    We offer vacation resorts in noteworthy sightseeing spots all year round.

  • Club activities supported

    We support monetary support for employees' sports and leisure activities including bowling.

Welfare fund/mutual aid association

  • Company labor welfare fund

    We use a certain amount of the company’s profit every year to provide personal living support and other expenses.

  • Employee mutual aid association

    We deduct a certain amount of employee wages to provide financial support for family events.

Health benefits

  • Support of Medical expenses

    We provide medical expenses for illnesses and injuries of our staff and their family members.

  • Regular health checkups

    Our staff and their family members are offered with regular health check-ups.